Welcome to iRegret.net!

We are all sorry -- in one way or another. Despite all the good words about the futility of regret and guilt, we cart both around with us, make room for them in our everyday. We regret rash words and actions, ways of going about matters that seemed necessary once and foolish now. Or we regret that we had to do what we had to do: It's likely we wouldn’t change a thing, but we’re sorry that events had to go the way they did, had to hurt.

Or maybe we simply regret not acting, not speaking up when we should have, for ourselves or others.

Ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, current loves and friends, even friends of friends, mothers, siblings, in-laws of all stripes, cousins, co-workers, bosses, teachers, even acquaintances, would probably be relieved to know that you’re not such a mindless egocentric after all: You have a functioning, dimensional conscience and it’s got stuff to say; or that’s the idea of this website.

To your neighbor, your uncle, the cat you ran over, the girl you abandoned at the prom, here’s a missive of non-denominational apology or regret. You could even apologize to Santa Claus and the whole Christmas racket for not believing in him, or it, anymore or, better, to yourself for not believing in your own capacities anymore.

No regret is too small or too big, too silly or too shocking. If your sister won’t pick up the phone when you call, she may read a posting here and maybe soften for the original and semi-public manner in which you’re choosing to come more than halfway.

We can even send e-mail alerts to those you wish to contact (should that appeal), but first the words and with it, the hope that things can be mended or at least greatly improved.


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