July 16, 2013

We’re back.

iRegret.net regrets it’s been on hiatus for a bit. We are back. We’re here. Thanks — iRegret team

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February 1, 2013

I regret not understanding sooner that all of us have worth….

I regret my late teens and early 20s when my low self-esteem (and the free sex of the 1970s) caused me to sleep with too many men for the wrong reason. I regret that my actions polluted my uterus and caused me to be sterile. I regret not understanding sooner that all of us have worth, value and hidden talents. I regret that I just learned how to look people in the eye. I regret the life I could have had but appreciate the one I do have and understand that this is the journey I had to take to get where I am today.

Submitted by: Linda

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January 14, 2013

I spit on my fiance….

i regret going along with this relationship when i knew i wasnt able to. i have so many personal issues to deal with and im in no position to love anyone. yet i allowed it to happen. now im always angry and filled with regret from the pain i cause someone so close to me. i spit on her… do u believe that… i spit on my fiance… i dont deserve her… and she doesnt deserve this… i tried to leave but she will fight to the death to keep me. i regret starting something i had no business doing. i regret her falling in love with an animal like me. i should’nt be alive. i should’nt be this lucky. im so sorry i hurt her. i regret my life and i regret her having to be a part of it!

Submitted by: will


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January 12, 2013

I slept with a married man 10 years older than me….

6 months ago I slept with a married man 10 years older than me. I’ve always been the good girl and I never imagined doing something like that. I had known the man for awhile, he worked at a restaurant in my neighborhood, and we had hung out a few times before he forgot to take his ring off one day at work and I noticed. I proceeded to get exceedingly drunk and agreed to let him walk me home and explain himself. Well, one thing let to another and here I am. I immediately cut off all contact but I still feel awful about it. I have never regretted anything more in my life, and I can’t stop thinking about it and wondering what I can do to make it better. I hope that no lasting damage results for his family because of my poor decision-making.

Submitted by: Stupid

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I regret moving from sunny Arizona to the hell of Oregon….

I regret how people kill and eat animals but that I do it anyway for health. I regret how I dropped a stray cat near a farm once because it wouldn’t stop bothering me in my neighborhood. I’ve give anything for it to come back and I would keep it even though my landlord doesn’t allow pets. I regret moving from sunny Arizona to the hell of Oregon. I regret marrying someone who doesn’t care about how much Arizona means to me. I regret ever trusting a single woman with my minor past. I regret having my cervix shaved to get rid of precancer cells…now I have no libido. I regret taking herbal grobust pills…ruined my body. I regret not aspiring to be a writer sooner. I regret not finishing college and not finding my major sooner. I regret not playing basketball in high school. I regret not staying with music or majoring/minoring in it. I regret not trying out for plays or bands. I regret not staying with Eddie Allen my junior year. I regret not being a better parent to my kids and taking more pictures of them and staying in arizona.

Submitted by: Juniper


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October 16, 2012

I can’t imagine the pain and the rejection my father must feel….

My biggest regret is the disrespect I had for my father as I was growing up, taking so much for granted and for the pain I inflicted upon him with so many cruel and callous actions and words. He and my mother divorced after many years of him being treated like a dog by myself, my brother and my mother also. The divorce was her choice (he had been drinking a lot and I can’t blame him). Since my earliest memories my mother was very cold and emotionless towards him. Towards the end of their relationship his drinking had become a daily occurrence and his drunken behavior would often lead to disputes which on more than one occasion when I returned home became violent between him and myself.

By that time I had moved out and was serving in the army. Perhaps it was because of the culture I was immersed in…. I don’t know…. at that stage in life I was prone to striking out first and had a tendency to solve all grievances with the use of violence. I have often felt guilt about that…. and not just with my father. Worst of all is knowing that I caused a lot of emotional pain to many people I knew but especially to my father. I have not communicated with him for 14 years or so. From what I know he has lived a solitary existence in all that time and has not been in good health with the drinking and a stroke which he had not long after the divorce. I can’t imagine the pain and the rejection he must feel. I have many regrets to choose from but that is up there with the biggest of them.

Submitted by: J

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As much as I love the child I am carrying, I regret that it is half yours….

I regret saying yes to you. I regret not listening to my family. As much as I love the child I am carrying, I regret that it is half yours. I cannot believe that I am such a strong professional woman who has made such a huge mistake. I really do regret it all.

To my unborn son, I am sorry that you were conceived through such circumstances, but I love you. I just regret so much else.

Submitted by: A

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August 27, 2012

I am unconditionally in love with a married man and I don’t know how to get out of this situation….

Hi all,

I know it’s not okay to ask for help but I do need someone to talk to…

Here it is,

I am 21 years old, I won’t take you throughout my life, I would only tell you that I had a horrible relationship with a man when I was 16 till 19, I found out that there is another woman in our relationship — me, that he is divorced and he was hiding all of that very well till the second year of our relationship, the break up was pretty ugly, however I had another relationship after him which ended up real soon and only recently I tried to have one but I couldn’t… So it’s fair to say that up until now I have only had 3 guys in my life and now I am unconditionally in love with a married man and I don’t know how to get out of this situation, we have never slept together and I don’t want to sleep with him because I am in love and I know I will only hurt myself… not only that but he is married and I am thinking about his wife… He keeps calling me… but it gets harder and harder every time, I am hurting myself…

How do I get out of this situation, how do i forget about my feelings, do I just text him that I don’t want him to ever call me again?… How do I cope with that?…

Submitted by: Love Fairy

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I regret that I fell for every lie those blue eyes told….

I regret letting you be my first…

I regret that I fell for every lie those blue eyes told…

I regret letting you take advantage of me at my worst…

I regret letting you shatter my heart repeated….

I regret thinking you could change…

I regret telling you I loved you, && never hearing the same…

I regret still knowing every little thing you did that made you…you.

I regret still crying over you…

I regret that I gave you my first love, all my love, everything I had in myself I gave to you…

I regret crying broken && bleeding in front of you…

I regret that I still love you && always will…

But I will never be that weak naive girl you once new. I’m better than that I’m stronger than you.

Submitted by: Via

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August 21, 2012

He wants to leave her for me….

I have known this guy for 3 years and he is married. He only got married last year and it is to the point that he will not tell her he loves her anymore they can barley spend 2 hours together without fighting. We just started talking again and we have always had a thing for each other and he wants to leave her for me but can not because her grandfather is his boss and he loves his job. I know that he’s unhappy but I’m so unsure of what to do. I know it may never be a real relationship but I’m only 20 and I have alot ahead of me. I know its wrong but I still wanna live and have fun what should I do????

Submitted by: lost heart

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August 19, 2012

One man’s mistake is someone else’s hurt or even tragedy….

Regret comes and goes. It cycles. It’s true. But the people who say why regret anything, that it’s a useless emotion, baffle me. We all make mistakes; it’s part of being human. They can be beneficial: If you are awake, if you care about yourself and others, you learn from them, but it’s rare one man or woman’s mistake isn’t someone else’s hurt or even tragedy.  How can we not regret that?  How can you not want to make amends or honor all that?  This site has no ads (or not yet), doesn’t market itself or try to sell you books.  Someone is paying for this out his or her own pocket since 2006. That’s how much regret, having a forum for it, has meant to the person who created this site.

From: Pro-Regret

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August 15, 2012

I’ve been sleeping with a married man for almost a year now….


I’ve been sleeping with a married man for almost a year now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. He’s my best friend and he makes me happy. Do I wish I could see more of him? Sure. Do I wish he was single? Absolutely. Do I beat myself up for having an affair? NO! I treasure every moment we spend together. I’m living MY life and I want him to be a part of my life. I know that eventually I might want a more committed relationship, but that will just change the sex…not the friendship. He’ll always hold a special place in my heart no matter what happens.


My advice to all the ladies posting here is simple: LIVE YOUR LIFE. Good or bad, right or wrong, do what makes you happy. The problem a lot of you are having is that you’re no longer happy or wanting more. Get out of the relationship! These men can’t give you what you want. If you don’t like the way things are going then change them. Of course it’s hard, but you need to look out for yourselves. If you’re happy then go for it, but if you’re not…save yourself now and just stop.


Submitted by: Ms. L


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I found out he was married….


So im 20 years old i used to be a verry innocent classy save-sex-for-mariage type of girl but i let a situation in my life affect me negativly n ive turned into someone i dont know. 6 months ago at a friends party i met a guy n i thought he was sooooo cute he had that bad boy look to him. When i found out he was 30 i thought aww damn he wont go for me, ima just be a little girl to him. then i found out he was married so i backed off n didnt talk to him the rest of the night. scratch that: i didnt talk to him til i was drunk. once the alcohol got to me i had flirted n somehow ended up fucking him in the back seat of my car. Since then we fuck atleast once a week :/ i say its just sex…its a rush and hes a hottie that makes me feel like a woman. Im waiting for this affair to end, waiting for him to say im done so i can be set free because i cant find it in me to end it myself.


Submitted by: socalkat

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August 4, 2012

He made me more than I am. He’s married….


I regret… not being able to tell someone how he made me more than I am. He’s married, and the whole truth of what I would say would be too much for him.


Submitted by: anonymouspolishgirl


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I can’t trade my dreams for yours….


I’m not being the perfect child. I’m sorry that I can’t trade my dreams for yours. But I don’t regret it.


I’m sorry for disappointing you.


But I don’t regret it.


The only thing I regret is letting you believe that I’d give myself up.


Submitted by: A daughter

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August 3, 2012

Stage 4 Cancer…


Someone I love has just been diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. I wish this were not so. I regret it — I more than regret it. I resent it. She will suffer. She has given so much. That’s what has mattered to her most, to be there for others, to grow. And now this while she is still young. She is not replaceable.


Submitted by: AG

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I moved people out of my way like chess pieces….


It was a long time ago. I was young then, I had the world by the balls — so I thought. I moved people out of my way like chess pieces. Sometimes it simply was just wrong the way I operated. I do regret. I guess it’s time to go there. To express this idea. I do regret. I’m no angel and god knows no saint. My sins are not enough to provoke lightning, but I could be an asshole back then and I suppose I was. Sorry friends, my climb to the top proved to be a useless exercise in the end. If this in fact is the end.


Submitted by: Mick

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June 2, 2012

Sisters: We love each other as much as we resent each other….

I’m thinking of my sisters, sisters generally, and how we love each other in equal proportion to how much we resent each other. I have two sisters, and I love them terribly but also, at times, I can’t bear them, just as they can’t bear me.

I wish I were overstating this, but even at our age — all grown up, circling middle age — we are still trapped in these cycles, loving, carping, loving, rejecting, loving, judging, seeing versions of our parents in one another, good and bad, that we are like our mother who is as magical, accomplished, and caring as she is gone at times, into wine, into nerves and sorrow, into real and imagined slights, drama. That oblivion and, really, that unavailability she needs, that we need from one another, all of us, from the wounds we’ve contributed to, the tender spots, and from all the ways in which we fear the other sisters are blocking access to what love our mother has to give…

And that we are like are father, judging, competitive despite himself — he was always better, is even now, than most, and how we want that, too, to have that high ground. We learned to fight for him, for his approval, and somehow we’ve not stopped…. I have wanted my sisters to be there for me in a million ways that they could not be. They have surely wanted the same from me. I know I’ve failed them, though I’ve tried not to…. But I do love them, know their pains, share them, which is part of the problem, I suppose. I worry for them when worry is not what they require. (I can never tell what one’s rights are as a sister, what is my business, what is not – if she is hurting herself, am I allowed to speak? No. I’ve learned no. Love me on my terms or nothing. And what of my terms? And so on…) 

What’s true is that I’d do anything for them and their children, and what I regret is that there are far too many times that I lose sight of that or they do: we’d rather have the simplicity of distance, of silence, than forgive one another our faults. We’d rather be in the right, claim that high ground (my way or no way), than have peace between us. Sisters. Someday I hope we’ll be better guardians to ourselves and each other but somehow I doubt it. It’s just too nettled, it’s been going on too long. My way or no way.

Submitted by: Sister three

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May 20, 2012

Those experiences have made me who I am today….

I regret:

1.  Coming too late to the realization that my life, my mental health and my soul were important; that I needed to feed all aspects of my being to be complete.

I have now surrounded myself with positive energies, influences and love.  It does not erase the past, but it has strengthened me as a being to see where I was, and how life has changed for the better.

2.  Giving others permission to “make me feel bad/guilty/ugly/stupid/less than human”: Your privileges have been revoked.

3.  Hiding my emotions; stuffing them deeper and deeper into the recesses of my soul that even now, after allowing myself to feel and love again, those distant emotions are triggered; leaving others scratching their heads and feeling guilt over hurting me…. It’s not you, it is a distant ghost.  Now that the emotion has surfaced, it can be dealt with and removed from my history.  Be patient, please.


Yes, I have regrets, but would not have changed past experiences, whether joyous or painful, for any reason.

Those experiences have made me who I am today.  Resilient, positive, loving…..

Don’t let your regrets rule your life. Face them, tell the ones you hold closest about them, and let them go. Life’s dark haze lifts and becomes worth living again.

Find the strength, the peace, the love.

I’ve found mine… you can find yours.

Submitted by: Audi

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April 24, 2012

I regret not letting you say the words I love you….


I regret not being passionate enough.


I regret being careful, I regret being guarded. I regret not letting you say the words I love you.


I regret not living enough in the moment and now missing you so much.


I regret thinking of times that maybe I should have acted different. I regret not being totally myself.


I regret that we are still together, yet so far apart.


I wish I knew how to help you, so that we could see each other…


But most of all, I regret realising how much I fell for you, so late…


Submitted by: Lisa

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April 16, 2012

I’m too much of a pussy to talk to you….


i dont know how i found this stupid site. but shit im glad i did. im so sorry. i love you. i think about you 24/7. and im too much of a pussy to talk to you. i want to. badly. i messed up. ive loved you from the start. i just didnt know how to show it.


Submitted by: beverly

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The one who cares less is the one with power….


I regret having gotten together with you. You, that 5’4”, brown-eyed/dark-haired, self-centered bitch who taught me things I never wanted to learn, and with that, changed me into someone I never ought to be. Someone like you.


I remember you always used to say, “the one who cares less is the one one with power,” – I should have known then to stay away. That behind the butterscotch scent in your hair, you stank of cheap, plastic fuck-up. Remember that night you told me to keep our relationship a secret? As if being with me embarrassed you, in front of the scum-of-society, zero-career, boozed-up losers you call friends? Yes, because anyone who thinks a night out drinking is a solution to your already-deteriorated liver is a FANTASTIC FRIEND INDEED. And then you go behind my back and cheat on me with THAT very “friend”? I will never ever forgive you for that.


Well guess what, you’ve created an asshole in your exact likeness. One who goes around taking the pleasure in making nice girls feel used, stupid and above all, forever corrupted. Thank you.


Submitted by: Barney

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February 13, 2012

I wish I were ready to admit what I am or might be….

Carla, I love you. I do. I wish I were ready to admit what I am or might be. It would kill my parents to know who and how their daughter loves. We are still so young, you and me. Please try to understand. I just can’t be what you want me to be now. You are so beautiful. You are perfect. I miss you even now.

Submitted by: It’s Not You

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January 30, 2012

I regret putting up the facade that I’m a coldhearted girl….


i regret putting up the facade that im a coldhearted girl. im only 19 but i know if i didnt i could have found a deep love with someone, because im easy to love. i just didnt want anyone else to know that.


Submitted by: misunderstood

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January 29, 2012

My husband is happy stagnating, but I want more….

I regret not telling my husband more how I feel, and I regret feeling bad for wanting things. I don’t want expensive things, or material things. I want challenge and growth. I love my husband a lot but I feel like we have a disconnect because he is happy stagnating, but I want more. I need more. He is my best friend and an amazing lover, but he doesn’t warm me and inspire me the way he used to.

Submitted by: regretta

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