January 12, 2008

It’s chocolate; it’s rich; it’s got mousse in the middle….

I eat too much. I’ve been doing these diets. I lost weight and then I found this cake at this place around the corner. I have to have it every day. I eat well and then at night, as my last meal, I eat this cake. It’s chocolate; it’s rich; it’s got mousse in the middle. I eat one piece. No more than that. I can’t stop it. I should regret this. I do some, but then the pleasure, right? It’s hard to let go off. And they see me coming, the people at the restaurant, they put it out for me. I like that. They’re happy to see me. I think I’m gaining some of the weight back and I regret that too or I should, but for now it’s good. For now I don’t want to regret it.

Submitted by: cake eater

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