April 16, 2012

The one who cares less is the one with power….


I regret having gotten together with you. You, that 5’4”, brown-eyed/dark-haired, self-centered bitch who taught me things I never wanted to learn, and with that, changed me into someone I never ought to be. Someone like you.


I remember you always used to say, “the one who cares less is the one one with power,” – I should have known then to stay away. That behind the butterscotch scent in your hair, you stank of cheap, plastic fuck-up. Remember that night you told me to keep our relationship a secret? As if being with me embarrassed you, in front of the scum-of-society, zero-career, boozed-up losers you call friends? Yes, because anyone who thinks a night out drinking is a solution to your already-deteriorated liver is a FANTASTIC FRIEND INDEED. And then you go behind my back and cheat on me with THAT very “friend”? I will never ever forgive you for that.


Well guess what, you’ve created an asshole in your exact likeness. One who goes around taking the pleasure in making nice girls feel used, stupid and above all, forever corrupted. Thank you.


Submitted by: Barney

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  • At 8:10 pm on November 24, 2012, Callie commented:

    Barney – I want to say, that is so HOT! Please do not let that “plastic fuck-up” ruin you for others who are more deserving of who you are.

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