May 20, 2012

Those experiences have made me who I am today….

I regret:

1.  Coming too late to the realization that my life, my mental health and my soul were important; that I needed to feed all aspects of my being to be complete.

I have now surrounded myself with positive energies, influences and love.  It does not erase the past, but it has strengthened me as a being to see where I was, and how life has changed for the better.

2.  Giving others permission to “make me feel bad/guilty/ugly/stupid/less than human”: Your privileges have been revoked.

3.  Hiding my emotions; stuffing them deeper and deeper into the recesses of my soul that even now, after allowing myself to feel and love again, those distant emotions are triggered; leaving others scratching their heads and feeling guilt over hurting me…. It’s not you, it is a distant ghost.  Now that the emotion has surfaced, it can be dealt with and removed from my history.  Be patient, please.


Yes, I have regrets, but would not have changed past experiences, whether joyous or painful, for any reason.

Those experiences have made me who I am today.  Resilient, positive, loving…..

Don’t let your regrets rule your life. Face them, tell the ones you hold closest about them, and let them go. Life’s dark haze lifts and becomes worth living again.

Find the strength, the peace, the love.

I’ve found mine… you can find yours.

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