August 3, 2012

Stage 4 Cancer…


Someone I love has just been diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. I wish this were not so. I regret it — I more than regret it. I resent it. She will suffer. She has given so much. That’s what has mattered to her most, to be there for others, to grow. And now this while she is still young. She is not replaceable.


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  • At 4:45 pm on November 28, 2012, will commented:

    i understand. my parents were 43 and 41 when they died from cancer. its hurts and it angers me to know its not necessary. we as humans have created so many diseases for reasons like warfare and population control, its really sad. finally the truth about aids is out. and so ofcourse its almost no existent today. how long will it take for them to release the cure? how much money will it take? and how sad is it that something with no meaning or significance holds so much over our lives. money, a paper cotton blend. thats all it is. when will we learn. how many people have to die? or better yet, how much money will it take? SAD!

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