August 15, 2012

I found out he was married….


So im 20 years old i used to be a verry innocent classy save-sex-for-mariage type of girl but i let a situation in my life affect me negativly n ive turned into someone i dont know. 6 months ago at a friends party i met a guy n i thought he was sooooo cute he had that bad boy look to him. When i found out he was 30 i thought aww damn he wont go for me, ima just be a little girl to him. then i found out he was married so i backed off n didnt talk to him the rest of the night. scratch that: i didnt talk to him til i was drunk. once the alcohol got to me i had flirted n somehow ended up fucking him in the back seat of my car. Since then we fuck atleast once a week :/ i say its just sex…its a rush and hes a hottie that makes me feel like a woman. Im waiting for this affair to end, waiting for him to say im done so i can be set free because i cant find it in me to end it myself.


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  • At 10:05 am on August 19, 2012, Worried commented:

    Girl, this sounds like a train wreck. Sure, good sex is good, and when it is forbidden, you bet it’s even more so, but sounds like he’s just getting his rocks off and you are feeling or are on your way to feeling a whole lot more. He’s older and married. You are younger and enraptured, admit to feeling powerless. Who’s got the upper hand? Seems like it’s not you. And don’t you matter enough to you? To keeping your heart, head, body safe?

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