August 15, 2012

I’ve been sleeping with a married man for almost a year now….


I’ve been sleeping with a married man for almost a year now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. He’s my best friend and he makes me happy. Do I wish I could see more of him? Sure. Do I wish he was single? Absolutely. Do I beat myself up for having an affair? NO! I treasure every moment we spend together. I’m living MY life and I want him to be a part of my life. I know that eventually I might want a more committed relationship, but that will just change the sex…not the friendship. He’ll always hold a special place in my heart no matter what happens.


My advice to all the ladies posting here is simple: LIVE YOUR LIFE. Good or bad, right or wrong, do what makes you happy. The problem a lot of you are having is that you’re no longer happy or wanting more. Get out of the relationship! These men can’t give you what you want. If you don’t like the way things are going then change them. Of course it’s hard, but you need to look out for yourselves. If you’re happy then go for it, but if you’re not…save yourself now and just stop.


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  • At 9:33 am on August 19, 2012, Anonymous commented:

    There’s a post on this site that’s received 190 comments. It’s titled “I’m sleeping with a married man….” and is from June 2, 2007. Pretty strong opinions and heated debate there. Lots of women asking other women to consider the whole picture.

  • At 9:38 am on August 19, 2012, Worried commented:

    This is going to go south — but most relationships do but especially relationships with someone who’s married. But you seem pretty clear-eyed about it, and I hope you both can keep your friendship. But how do you keep from falling in love or more deeply in love? From wanting more? Seems awfully hard if what you are doing is intimate, about love.

  • At 9:42 am on August 19, 2012, Good for you commented:

    Dunno. I like that this woman is being the hero or heroine in her own story. Honoring her path, you know? Good or bad. She seems pretty aware of the risks here, that she or her friend/lover may suffer… or maybe not. Maybe they’ll ease out of this just fine and remain close. All intimate relationships have costs, risks. Just the way it goes.

  • At 3:57 pm on August 24, 2012, Anonymous commented:

    Hi All, I am so happy to have found this forum… and here is what I have to say on the matter:

    Life is complicated and connecting with another human being is the most complicated thing one can imagine, it seems so easy when you see a couple holding hands but the truth is .. it’s not as easy as it seems. My love life has been horrible, I am 21 years old I know what you will say – i am young… but no my first boyfriend came at a very difficult time in my life i was 16 he was twice my age, he lied about it after the second year of my relationship with him I found that there is another woman – me, he’s been dating a girl for 8 years and he’s been divorced with a child, anyway he was a bad man, i broke up with him eventually but by that time i was 19, then i fell in love with a guy who was 24 we were together for a short period of time but the distance was the problem he has some issues… after another eight months only recently I was with one guy at the age of 26 and it turned out that he is divorced too with two kids… we spent a night together he didnt call me for two weeks after that and now he is begging me to see him but i no longer want to have anything to do with him, during my school year my university teacher fell in love with me he is married with two kids but I said a huge NO and nothing happened for which I am very proud although i liked him….but two months back I fell in love with a married man who is at the age of 43… yes he is married with two kids… I don’t want to do anything with him because I can imagine what it would be like if i was the wife… We go out every week for a dinner and some drinks but this can’t go on like this… I am so in love now that I don’t know what to do… My love life is a total disaster… I still haven’t slept with a married man… but I feel like i will never meet anyone like him…
    That’s why I am saying we all have to get sane and leave those married men alone… it’s not fair on us… we deserve A FAIRYTALE not this … not the hiding not the lies not the cheating… we deserve to be loved… not used and hidden… A man should be proud to be with you and show you off to the world because this is how much he loves you… he shouldn’t be able to look away even for a minute and he should only be thinking about you, why? because you are the most amazing human being… I know it’s not easy and I know it’s complicated but it’s for the best they should know better – they shouldn’t have gotten married if they were to cheat … what kind of happiness is that in the first place, plus if he is unhappy at home why should you make him happy outside home – so that he could happily return home??? NO!!!!!!!!!!

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