August 27, 2012

I am unconditionally in love with a married man and I don’t know how to get out of this situation….

Hi all,

I know it’s not okay to ask for help but I do need someone to talk to…

Here it is,

I am 21 years old, I won’t take you throughout my life, I would only tell you that I had a horrible relationship with a man when I was 16 till 19, I found out that there is another woman in our relationship — me, that he is divorced and he was hiding all of that very well till the second year of our relationship, the break up was pretty ugly, however I had another relationship after him which ended up real soon and only recently I tried to have one but I couldn’t… So it’s fair to say that up until now I have only had 3 guys in my life and now I am unconditionally in love with a married man and I don’t know how to get out of this situation, we have never slept together and I don’t want to sleep with him because I am in love and I know I will only hurt myself… not only that but he is married and I am thinking about his wife… He keeps calling me… but it gets harder and harder every time, I am hurting myself…

How do I get out of this situation, how do i forget about my feelings, do I just text him that I don’t want him to ever call me again?… How do I cope with that?…

Submitted by: Love Fairy

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  • At 10:27 pm on August 28, 2012, Protect Your Heart commented:

    You can survive this. It’s not a terminal disease — it’s just one unavailable guy. He may seem the love of you life and maybe he is a soul mate, but take it from me you’ll have more than one throughout your life. And if this guy is truly for you, he’ll be available some day. If you do this, pursue this relationship, given how vulnerable you already are, chances are it will end badly for you in particular. You’ll feel even worse than you do now. Just put your self-love, your need to have an available love, first. Tell him you love him, sure, but that you love him and yourself enough to walk away for now. It pains you to walk away, but it is a lesser pain than engaging this, sleeping with him, getting seriously attached, only to find he’s not truly free, that maybe he never wanted to be. Let him show you that he’s worth your love, your devotion. Deep breath! And have faith, especially in yourself and what life has to offer you.

  • At 2:37 am on November 22, 2012, Juniper commented:

    Dear Love Fairy,
    I know it’s hard but break all ties with him. He’ll just be using you. Save yourself for someone single because you won’t be hurting anyone, most importantly you! You deserve the best and true love and commitment. Best of luck to you.

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