October 16, 2012

As much as I love the child I am carrying, I regret that it is half yours….

I regret saying yes to you. I regret not listening to my family. As much as I love the child I am carrying, I regret that it is half yours. I cannot believe that I am such a strong professional woman who has made such a huge mistake. I really do regret it all.

To my unborn son, I am sorry that you were conceived through such circumstances, but I love you. I just regret so much else.

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  • At 8:37 pm on October 16, 2012, A Friend commented:

    The love affair will be between you and the child. This mistake will someday become a blessing. I’m guessing you are a strong, loving woman. I can tell from your depth of feeling. And you’re not alone — so many women come into motherhood under unideal circumstances and make the best of it. You will too. People will be there for you and your child. Have faith. Nothing is as it seems and nothing stays the same. Best of luck. Light and love to you.

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