January 12, 2013

I regret moving from sunny Arizona to the hell of Oregon….

I regret how people kill and eat animals but that I do it anyway for health. I regret how I dropped a stray cat near a farm once because it wouldn’t stop bothering me in my neighborhood. I’ve give anything for it to come back and I would keep it even though my landlord doesn’t allow pets. I regret moving from sunny Arizona to the hell of Oregon. I regret marrying someone who doesn’t care about how much Arizona means to me. I regret ever trusting a single woman with my minor past. I regret having my cervix shaved to get rid of precancer cells…now I have no libido. I regret taking herbal grobust pills…ruined my body. I regret not aspiring to be a writer sooner. I regret not finishing college and not finding my major sooner. I regret not playing basketball in high school. I regret not staying with music or majoring/minoring in it. I regret not trying out for plays or bands. I regret not staying with Eddie Allen my junior year. I regret not being a better parent to my kids and taking more pictures of them and staying in arizona.

Submitted by: Juniper


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